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Why did the medina convert to Islam?

Curtis Rhodes

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Jodi Brooks on January 2, 2018

Medina had suffered a hundred years of war between the Northern Tribes and the Tribes of the South. Everyone wanted to kill to stop. Abdullah ibn Ubayy, the new head of the Awfs, had remained neutral in the most recent war, and he had already forgiven the life of some of the Jewish hostages whom his chief had ordered him to kill. So many of the Medinans (north of pagan, in the south of the pagans and Jews - each group representing about a third of the population) wanted to crown King Abdullah of Medina. For political reasons, citizens who were not happy with this choice, or what I did not want any King. The Awfs heard that Mohammed, who was his cousin, wanted to move out of Mecca, so they negotiated to bring him to Medina as a rival leader. Mohammed said that he would come if they converted to Islam. So, these dissenters of the citizens, mainly his family, became Muslims. Soon, the faction that supported him became large enough to put an end to the crowning of Abdullah ibn Ubayy. Abdullah knew he was beaten, and didn't want to start another war on him, so he converted to Islam to keep the peace. Mohammed never quite trusted him, because he knew that this conversion was for political reasons. Some of the pagans in Medina converted to Islam because I truly believed that it was a better religion. Others realized that Muhammad was very powerful and it was not safe to displease him. There was only one tribe pagan that it does not become very soon after Muhammad's arrival. The Jews never accepted Mohammed's leadership, and within five years, Mohammed had expelled all of them from Medina. By the time Muhammad died, Islam was the default religion of the whole region.

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