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Why did Kenya become a colony?

Carlton Burgess

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Craig Stewart on August 19, 2019

In the mid-1880s, Europe was busy Colonizing Africa. One of theunclaimed spaces of the modern era of Tanzania, Kenya and Uganda, knownas the "Sultanate of Zanzibar". Both the united kingdomd German Empirewanted the earth. Thus, it was decided to split it. The united kingdom is Kenyaand Uganda, while Germany got Tanzania. However, the uk was toobusy sending their resources to the South of Africa, trying to build herColonies there. Thus, the united kingdom ceded the newly acquired land to theImperial British East Africa Company. Unfortunately, less than tenyears later, the company declared bankruptcy, and the earth was once againtaken back by the government of the united kingdom. It created a Government known as the Protectorate of East Africa. In 1920, the protectorate was divided new and dynamic part of it became the Colony of Kenya.

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