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Why are the states of California, Oregon, and Washington mild and rainy?

Ralph Lopez

in Geography

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1 answer

Daniel King on July 10, 2018

There are some of the reasons that these three states have been mild and rainy climate, the most important of which are:- Pacific, the trade winds; the Pacific trade winds are bringing the fronts from the Pacific that are moving towards the east, towards the western part of the united states. These winds are warm and moist, and bring a lot of precipitation with them.- The mountain ranges; the chains of mountains that runs through these three states and to raise up the ground considerably to the east of the coast are crucial because they leave the Pacific trade winds to go more inland and dispersed, so that stops their movement and give them the opportunity to accumulate more and more clouds and thus more precipitation.- The currents of the oceans; the dominant ocean current along the coasts of those states are cold ocean currents, both from the south and the north, so that the coldest water manages to affect the regions of the coast and drop your temperature a few degrees.

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