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Why are the majority of Sub-Saharan African cities located along major rivers and the coast? A. they grew up because of internal tribal wars B. they needed access to bodies of water for trade C. the interior is filled with desert and mountains D. the exterior is filled with desert and mountains

Ralph Lopez

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1 answer

Megan Page on December 30, 2018

The correct answer is B. they need access to bodies of water for trade.The sub-Saharan Africa is a vast region that has an abundance of natural resources and much to offer for trade for the people of the other continents, thus making a profit for themselves. The region has gold, diamonds, oil, natural gas, as well as a lot of spices, fruits and vegetables. This made the people to initiate and resolve, and over time to create large cities, along rivers and the coast, as this were the places where they were able to negotiate easily, and earn more.

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