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Why are slow-twitch muscles more beneficial than fast-twitch muscles for cardiorespiratory fitness? a. Slow-twitch muscles are longer and thicker than fast-twitch muscles. b. Slow-twitch muscles need less blood to contract than fast-twitch muscles. c. Slow-twitch muscles need more recovery time between exercise sessions than fast-twitch muscles. d. Slow-twitch muscles are able to use oxygen more efficiently than fast-twitch muscles.

Chelsea Hayes

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1 answer

1 answer

Chelsea Hayes on December 15, 2018

The answer is d) decrease the speed of contraction of the muscles are most important for cardiorespiratory fitness, due to the efficiency in the use of oxygen.the fast-twitch fibers used in rapid, high-speed events, such as sprints, in these situations there is not enough time for the oxygen-rich blood to reach the muscles so that the fibers of fast-twitch do not use the oxígeno.De slow twitch on the other hand, are used in endurance events, like marathons, when there is time for the oxygen-rich blood to reach the muscles. This means that the slow-twitch fibers are better in the use of oxygen.The efficient use of oxygen is important for the cardiorespiratory capacity as it is concerned with the efficiency of the heart and the lungs in the transport of oxygen-rich blood to the muscles.

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