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Why are religious texts used by archaeologists as primary sources?

Jennifer Patterson

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1 answer

Daniel King on February 27, 2019

A: first of all, the religious texts were used by the archaeologists as primary sources because archaeologists assume that the Bible is literally true. When you made a discovery that seem to confirm the biblical record, archaeologists assume a biblical date for the discovery. When they made a discovery that appeared to create doubts about the biblical account, the archaeologists assumed that their own analysis was weak and so looked for explanations. As the number of archaeological finds that contradict the Bible has continued to increase, the archaeologists began to realize that the Bible was not necessarily a reliable historical document and began to rely on it as a secondary source, in other words, one that could be useful to confirm the information from other sources, but could not be relied on in the absence of other sources. Some archaeologists believe that, even as a secondary source, the Bible is not very useful in the respect to the history.

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