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Why are most students shying away from the best online masters programs?

Despite many adverts on the internet about the flexible and convenient best online masters programs, why aren’t most students convinced yet that this is the way to go? Why do online masters degrees have fewer students nevertheless, they are cheaper than on-campus study? Why is it so hard to convince my parents to allow me to study at home as the school I attend is far away? Why won’t they feel the pinch of the cost they have to pay to keep me in that school? Or the online college degrees are not genuine? Are the tutors as qualified as those in a usual classroom?

Rodney Fox

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1 answer

Bethany Evans on March 20, 2018

Despite the low cost and the flexibility of the best online post graduate programs, many students are yet to agree to forgo their normal attendance of classes in exchange for more freedom and less cost of education. The following are some of the reasons why this is happening:

  • Low quality of the on-line masters degrees and the fact that most of these courses are not accredited: the internet is full of scam and it will be hard to tell whether its a person who offers a true service and a fake one. If one realizes that you have been duped, there is no way to recover your money and you could have wasted so much time. For this reason, people tend to prefer going to a real class.
  • Lack of personal interaction with the tutor: one may never have the honor to meet his teacher and interact with him. With this lack of connection, a tutor will never get to know the weaknesses of his students, their strength or even their talents. Both parties are strangers who usually communicate through the internet while gaining an online college degree.
  • A lot of work is involved: where a normal lesson may take only a few hours, online lessons tend to take more time as the student has to put a lot of effort to get what a tutor says on the internet. An online class attendant may not know any of his classmates and will, therefore, have no one to discuss classwork with or even ask about something he did not understand.
  • It’s vital to be disciplined: A student obtaining an on-line masters degree has the power to choose to attend classes, finish an assignment or even listen to the lecturer. A lot of external pressure is also a determinant of the students’ attendance. You have to engage a lot of self-control unlike when they are with you every day. It is therefore wise to consider the above before making a decision.
  • The poor interpersonal relationship between the students: In an online masters degree, it is difficult to know all the students on the same course, you will even be lucky to know one. The relationship that could have been very vital in future, maybe to connect one with a good job may never be. This can happen if you study in the same class.

Brian Warner2 years ago

A student must keep in mind that he is in school for his future and that of his family. Every decision he makes will either bring him closer to his dream or cause him to drift further away. I am happy when I see my students every day in class and walk with them the journey of their life. I know when my students are getting what I am saying and when they are not. I know when they are passing through a phase where they need personal attention and I make sure I am there. I love to laugh with my students too because their joy makes me happy too. But once  I stood in for one of my comrades for the best online masters program and I will tell you, in fact, seventy percent of the students did not even notice I was not their regular teacher! Why?  They do not have a close relationship with their teacher. It means that it is so difficult to know each other when you are gaining an on-line college degree.

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