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Why are many students choosing to study abroad?

I have realized that the number of students joining international student exchange programs is increasing day by day. From what I hear most people claim that enrolling in these programs offers them opportunities to increase their academic prosperity but I can’t seem to figure out the reason for it. Why are students opting to study abroad rather than in their home countries? How long does it take them to complete the studies? I would also want to know why Australian universities have a high number of international students applying to undertake study programs in their country.

Jan Berry

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1 answer

Jodi Brooks on January 5, 2018

I agree that the number of international students is tremendously increasing. The period of study depends on the course a student is undertaking; some courses like medicine may take longer than business studies. Also the length of some courses depends on the country where the student has enrolled to study. There are however many reasons why students may want to undertake their studies abroad. Studying away from home could be a good opportunity both academically and socially. Some of these reasons include:

  • Some education institutions like the universities in Australia have improved academic programs that ensure good career opportunities after completing quality study programs in the schools.
  • A student may want to pursue their career in a new environment that will present them with new challenges and new ways of dealing with them. This is a good opportunity to improve not only their academic but also interpersonal skills.
  • Some also want to experience a new culture; moving to a new place exposes them to new experiences and intercultural skills. This could be an added advantage when applying for positions in future. Hiring managers tend to be more impressed by applicants with international experience and diverse cultural skills.
  • Studying in a new country encourages you to learn new languages for easy communication in the country. Some countries require foreign students to undertake language courses before enrolling into their education programs.
  • When students apply for international students exchange programs they get an opportunity to compare the academic knowledge between the two countries; this makes them view things from a broader perspective. Studying away from home exposes them to a new and unique learning experience that enables them to address the world from a global point of view.
  • Most students who prefer taking on abroad studies are attracted by the fact that they will have new opportunities for future employment. Studying in a foreign country where you also undertake your industrial program will enable you to establish international networks which are beneficial to your career in the future. This enables you to set up a good professional network for a good career foundation.
  • Some students prefer to undertake their studies internationally since tuition fee in some countries is very low. Compared to their countries, some students claim the fees and cost of living abroad is low which also gives them a chance to save some money.

Kurt Pricea year ago

Let me speak from my personal experience. I was also accepted into an institution in another country, however I did not attend it. Learning abroad might seem interesting however it is not a walk in the park. The tuition fee may be low but studying abroad is generally expensive. The process of applying for a student visa takes not only time but also money. When it comes to matters of the cost of living, it depends on the country the school is based in. The cost of living can be very high in some places especially the housing and accommodation fees. The mandatory health insurance is often extensive and also pricey. Some countries require their international students to have a certain amount of money for personal expenses and this could be a financial strain for those opting for a subsidized education program. All these expenses added up might exceed the cost of studying in your country and that is why I chose not to study abroad.

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