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Why are floods in urban areas particularly dangerous?A. City buildings do not allow flood waters to recedeB. Flood waters spread pollutants and diseases more rapidly.C. Flood waters permanently damage crop soils.D. Most cities are built in flood zones.

Ramon Kelly

in Geography

1 answer

1 answer

Karen Wright on December 6, 2018

The correct answers are:A. buildings of the City do not allow the flood of waters;The buildings in the cities are quite a hindrance to the waters of the flood, but are also making it more difficult for the water due to that. This becomes a real problem, because most of the affected city may be under water for a much longer period of time, that more harm created, if this was an open space.B. The waters of the flood spread of the contaminants and the illnesses more quickly;The flood waters can take all sorts of things with them on their way, and very often can bring a lot of pollutants of different kind, in the cities, and that can make an ecological disaster. Also, due to all of the material is, and the creation of the high humidity, mud, swampy environment for some time, usually in a period when it is very hot, many of the diseases that can appear, and if they do, due to the terrible conditions of hygiene can cause the rapid spread of the same.

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