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Why are enzymes required for living things to function? a.Reactions take place too slowly at body temperature and must be speeded up. b.Reactions take place too quickly at body temperature and must be slowed down. c.Reactions in the body require enzymes to act as reactants. d.Reactions in the body produce enzymes as byproducts.

Alexa Spicer

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1 answer

Karen Wright on September 4, 2018

Answer: Option (a) is the correct answer.Example:Enzymes are substances that are produced by living organisms to carry out various biochemical reactions.Within the living organisms of a large number of chemical reactions that occur. With the help of the enzymes of the speed of these chemical reactions can be controlled. If you do not have enzymes in the body, then the reactions will be carried out very slowly to keep the organism alive or is going to cause a disease in the organism of the body. The enzymes also aid in the communication of the cells, the growth of the cells, etc, therefore, we can conclude that enzymes are necessary for living things to function the reactions that take place too slowly to the temperature of the body and should be the speed.

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