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Who were the thirteen reasons why in thirteen reasons why the book by jay asher?

Victoria Fowler

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1 answer

Rodney Fox on January 10, 2020

1. Justin Foley (Hannah's first kiss and spread rumors that Hannah was a s***) 2. Alex Standall (Naming Hannah's bum best bum in the class allowing more rumors to spread) 3. Jessica Davis (Jessica slapped Hannah in the face because she thought Hannah had with Alex) 4. Tyler Down (Peeked at Hannah through her bedroom window) 5. Country Crimsen (made Hannah take her to a party and then left her on her own) 6. Marcus Cooley (Marcus puts Hannah on a date) 7. Zach Dempsey (Notches of your congratulatory notes after she wouldn't go with him) 8. Ryan Shaver (Nicked Hannah's poem and published it on the school) 9. Clay Jensen (This isn't a reason why Hannah killed herself she just wanted to say that I'm sorry for running away when Clay kissed you) 10. Justin Foley (allowed Bryce to rape Jessica at a party while Hannah hid in the closet ) 11. Jenny Kurtz (Broke a stop sign on the ride home with Hannah. Hannah wanted to call the police and tell them that the stop sign and has been broke but Jenny yelled at her and told her not to not to call them and then told Hannah to walk home) 12. Bryce (Raped Jessica) 13. Mr. Porter (he Said Hannah to forget their problems Hannah told him that he was going to kill her and left that she cared) .

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