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Who is Will Duddy?

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1 answer

Whitney Matthews on January 19, 2018

David Law was formerly an employee of ETSA Torrens Island Power Station (now AGL). On the court, he argues that as a result of electromagnetic radiation (EMR), issued of power lines and other high voltage equipment (e.g., transformer), his life was destroyed because of the reasons chronic insomnia (difficulty falling asleep), due to 275,000 V power line. The problem is that the disease is not a direct causal relationship, and not always necessary. It could also be because of ETSA employees are usually workers and generally get drunk with alcohol after work. David Law also accuses angel Contibas and William Harrod' (his team leaders) of both civil and criminal, harassment, insults and threats. He was forced to work under high voltage lines, while Angelo Contibas, for example, is "back" and " vi (there is some evidence that it may be suspected exposure to electromagnetic radiation). Other team members include Ray Pniewski, and William Harrod's', which were so casually on his feet again. As a result, the duty of care, and the work of the CURRENT criminal law and Employee Liability Act WorkCover), THIS should be compensated David Law by almost $2.5 m. In turn, kompensiruet him for $4,995 because WorkCover was not in operation, and because David Law, who now suffers from mental illness, the result of ETSA action. ETSA Electricity Trust in South Australia which is now a private company. The true fault is SA fault of the Government, almost thirty years ago. Duddy Shopov Lawyers, not actually help, not putting in first place the interests of the disabled. You can do this by lobbying the Law Society of South Australia Duddy (also known as William Duddy), Christopher Shopov, Jenny Gillespie, Bianca Ayres, and Claire Victory, that they work for the company. The professional organization can put pressure on these lawyers to be forced to withdraw its support for continuous ETSA against David Law, in the interests of persons with disabilities. Lawyers should NOT be separated from the tests in relation to people with disabilities. This is an IMPORTANT step in the policy of what should happen. WE ARE STRUGGLING TO CLICK ON THE SA GOVERNMENT TO ENSURE THAT THE INTERESTS OF THE DISABLED PUT FIRST! Read more: (Content will be published under the Freedom of speech provision of the U.S. Constitution) . (MORE...)

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