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Who is not an ideal candidate for eyelift surgery?

Karen Wright

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Tara Andrews on April 29, 2018

Response . \nThough cosmetic surgery may seem like it has something to offer for everyone, not everyone makes a good candidate for cosmetic surgery. For this reason, it is important to be open an honest with your surgeon about all the factors surrounding your surgery. It is also important to have realistic expectations of the results. Simply changing your outward appearance does not change the person that you are.\n. \nA retinal detachment or glaucoma may have difficulty with the lift surgery of the eyes. The insufficient production of tears, hypothyroidism, and Graves disease is also a cause of concern.\n. \nPersistent medical conditions such as heart or lung disease may cause complications during the procedure, especially if general anesthesia is involved. Also, the medications taken to treat these conditions can cause difficulties with the procedure. It is possible that the healing may take more time. Diabetes is also known to present problems with healing. Because of this, your surgeon may advise against the procedure. You should carefully weigh the risks involved. \n. \nPoor circulation may present problems as well. Adequate circulation to the treated areas is a key element of the procedure, as well as the recovery. \n. \nMost candidates have 35 years or more, but many choose to have eyelift surgery at a younger age if you have a family history of droopy or baggy eyelids. Some elderly patients who have reduced skin elasticity may not achieve the desired results. It is important for the skin to maintain elasticity in order to conform to the new shape created by the procedure. \n. \nBecause there are risks associated with any type of surgery, you should put a high degree of importance in the choice of the right surgeon. A good doctor will help you weigh seriously the pros and cons of the surgery. It may suggest that you reconsider your decision to have cosmetic surgery, based on their risk factors. In all honesty, a cosmetic surgeon's success should not be judged by the amount of money they earn, but by your track record of patient satisfaction and a low rate of complications.

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