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Who invented online education?

Daniel King

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1 answer

1 answer

Carlton Burgess on January 6, 2018

World Wide Web (WWW) was invented in 1991. Friend, that the world has changed so dramatically. The process of information exchange and communication has become as easy as clicking. WWW enabled and connected to people in a completely new form. WWW invented many other programs that we came up with it, as is Online Learning.

In 1994, the online Education was introduced distance learning in the organization with the same name as the LIME Campus. Cal Campus has improved with the development of technology. This time they offer a program to middle school and high school.

The first standard online education was not as good as today. Now, each and every thing has been integrated into the portal. Students who came to was distance learning, you can take lectures via the Internet at any time of the day.

Online education is one of the best learning platform for students that work. Work students may not arrive in time for education. Flexibility: study of the structure of online Education was introduced.

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