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Who invented education?

James Washington

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1 answer

Jennifer Patterson on September 27, 2018

People, like many other animals, were training their children (young people) in one form or another, since the origin of life on earth. Education system changed, or have evolved over time, but older people always show young people how to choose food, how to find how to consider the climate and the use of land for location tracking are relatively. Dress up games, cooking, primitive clothing and weapons, and hundreds of other "subjects" was in the schedule. It was almost like a job, training or education in the trade, as we see today, and that's where a lot of emphasis on "doing" the work ... the people taught their young men, anyway, provided that people had children. In principle, if a young person has not been trained, they died or were killed; they were in the process of learning survival skills, and that their lives depend on the skill of the actors. Now to teach children that they can cope with more complex problems of life in modern society, and that promotes their ability to work independently in it and thrive. No one "invented " education", as he asked, but only developed in several stages, starting from the ancient times.

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