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Who described atoms as small spheres that could not be divided into anything smaller? bohr dalton rutherford thomson

Eric Morgan

in Physics

1 answer

1 answer

William Cain on February 2, 2019

John Dalton was the first who gave the first theory about the particle constituents of matter.As for John Dalton, each substance of the universe is composed of some small, spherical, indivisible particles called atoms .According to him, the atoms of different elements are different atoms of the same element are equal in all aspects.It was J. J Thompson who discovered the electron.Rutherford discovered the nucleus of his experiment the gold foil and postulated the nuclear model of the atom.Due to the failure of Rutherford's atomic model could not explain the stability of the substance,the postulate of Bohr's atomic model as given Rutherford in a modification of the form and assigned energy levels to electrons.Therefore the correct answer to this question is Dalton

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