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Who can apply for the nyu study abroad program?

I’ve read these days about the nyu study abroad program and it looks so nice that it made me want to apply too. The comments of some of the students that have studied abroad with that program are all so positive. They only keep good memories from it. I wish I could go to a foreign country to live a similar experience. I had thought about going to study in Australia or maybe at any of the top universities in Europe. I’m sure that any of those options would be great.

Curtis Rhodes

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1 answer

Jennifer Patterson on July 11, 2018

New York University has a very long tradition of strengthening foreign relations with many other countries in the educational field. Its students come from every state of the USA and, currently, there are international students that come from 133 countries.

NYU was founded in 1831 and, to this date, it has three degree-granting campuses: its campus in New York City and two other newer campuses, one in Abu Dhabi and another in Shanghai. In addition, we can find NYU study away sites in Africa, Asia, Australia, Europe, North and South America. Therefore, if your wish is to study in a foreign country, the program to study abroad in NYU is the right one for you.

You can apply for this program during the academic year if you are a graduate or an undergraduate student currently enrolled at NYU and if you study at NYU New York or at NYU Abu Dhabi or NYU Shanghai, since this program also offers to international students the opportunity of an international exchange on the New York campus. You can also apply for this program to study on the NYU campus in New York if you are a current student at another university or college accredited by the US Department of Education.

The list of countries where you can take courses accredited by NYU includes countries from almost every corner of the world. You can certainly choose to follow your studies in Australia, since Sydney is among the cities where the NYU program to study abroad has host universities. It is important to read the conditions concerning the program that you want to select, since they may be different for each country or host university.

You can also study at top European universities with this program, since London, Paris, Florence, Madrid, Berlin and Prague are among the proposed cities. Other host universities for this program are in Washington DC, Buenos Aires, Shanghai, Accra, Tel Aviv and Abu Dhabi.

In order to apply for this program, go to the NYU website ( and submit your application online. On the website you will find further details about the requirements and the deadlines to apply. Since this is a popular program among students who want to study abroad, it is advisable to apply right after you choose the program that you like or your admission will depend on the space available after other students have already been accepted. 

Noel Byrd2 years ago

My oldest brother went to NYU and at first he wasn’t very excited about that program to study in a foreign country. He focused on his studies the first and the second semester. Then some of his friends told him that they were going to apply to go to some of the top universities in Europe. It was just what my brother needed to begin to ask other schoolmates about that program and if they recommended him to apply for it. Most of the testimonials that my brother heard were positive. So he applied and the year after that, he went to study for one semester at first, and then he extended his stay to two semesters. Some people told him about the rewarding experience of discovering exotic destinations and he forgot about Europe. He went to Shanghai. NYU has a modern campus there and he enjoyed his year there. 

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