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Who built the tappan zee bridge?

Kyle Mckinney

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1 answer

Kathy Robinson on March 19, 2020

In the 1950s, due to the high demand of traffic traveling to upstate New York and causing major headaches and strain on the Hudson River Crossings such as the Holland Tunnel, the Lincoln Tunnel and George Washington Bridge, the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey created a plan for a bridge to cross the Hudson River further up the river, but not so far that drivers could not reach New Jersey from its connection. In the place where it is located now, to the north of Dobb's Ferry, New York, the port authority, however, dropped the plan to create the bridge, but was picked up by New York governor Thomas Dewey and New Jersey governor Alfred Driscoll. The bridge was created with World War II military technology and by people who were in the armed forces and/or have had experience in working with such technological skills. The original bridge is still standing today, but due to the continuation of traffic travelling across the bridge daily, plenty of strain has been put on the aging bridge, making the New York State Department of Transportation create a proposal to create a new bridge, that may have more traffic than the original bridge has already held and stay up for more time than the "unsafe" original structure. The construction is scheduled to begin in 2013 and directed until the end of 2017.

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