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Who benefited least from a sharecropping arrangement? sharecroppers seed suppliers share-tenants land owners

Melissa Norris

in History

1 answer

1 answer

Daniel King on April 21, 2019

Sharecropping is an arrangement with a land owner that rent their land to a farmer for payment of a percentage of the harvest in place of cash. The owner of the land to get the 50% of the profit without effort or risk. If the crop failed, the sharecroppers could not pay the loan for the seed. The sharecroppers, then, were in debt with the owner of the land at the start of the next growing season. The result was that the sharecropper though free were enslaved to land owners for the debt The correct answer is: "The sharecroppers benefited least from a sharecropping agreement, they did all the work, took all the risks, and I have very little to change."

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