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Which would most likely cause acceleration? check all that apply. flat road, wind, water movement, hill, or stop light.

William Cain

in Physics

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1 answer

Curtis Rhodes on April 18, 2018

Answer: the Wind, the movement of water, the hill and the stop light.Acceleration is the rate of change of the speed. It is a vector quantity. Means that it has both magnitude as well as direction. Depends on the speed. Thus, each time there is a change in the speed or direction of motion, the acceleration is caused. On a flat road, it is not the probability of occurrence of the acceleration as there would be no turns, no change in direction. So, unless the driver changes the speed or reverse the vehicle, the car would not accelerate.In the case of wind, the movement of the water, the vehicle is likely to accelerate the more likely it is that there would be no changes in the speed of the vehicle.The hills have curved the road, so that the address changes every now and then, causing the acceleration of the vehicle. As the vehicle approaches a stop light, it is more likely to stop the vehicle by decreasing the speed and causing the vehicle to slow down and another time in green signal to accelerate the vehicle is moving forward. Therefore, the wind, the movement of the water, up the hill and stop light most likely cause of the acceleration.

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