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Which will cause an increase in the reaction rate between molecules? Molecules have strong internal bonding. Molecules collide more frequently. Electrons in the bonds remain in a meta-stable state. Electrons do not have enough energy to leave the bonds.

Whitney Matthews

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1 answer

Chelsea Hayes on October 27, 2018

Answer: the Molecules Collide more frequentlyExplanation:The factors that affect the rate of reactions are as follows, Concentration: Increase in concentration of reactants will increase the number of reactants per unit volume. Therefore, the probability of collisions will increase, therefore, the result will be the increase in the production. Temperature: Increasing the temperature increases the kinetic energy of the reactants. Therefore, the increase in the rate of the reagents results in the collisions of high energy. This makes it feasible for the reactants to reach the optimum of the energy (activation energy) to make products with good performance. Surface: The reagents of ground / powdered form reacts fast, compared to solid form. In fact, the grinding results in the increase of the surface area of reactants. Greater surface area increases the likelihood of reactants to the colloid. Therefore, increases the performance.Conclusion: As shown, all the dice are the factors related to the collisions of molecules or atoms, therefore, the selected option is the correct option.

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