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Which US schools do you consider great schools?

I’m wondering whether there are some prominent high schools in the US that are universally considered great schools. I know there are numerous high school rankings but I would like to hear the opinions of real people. What facilities and opportunities make the school extraordinary? Can public schools place high in such ratings or is it only possible with private schools? Please give your opinion and provide some proof to your point of view.

Frank Nichols

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1 answer

Jodi Brooks on January 4, 2018

The high school ranking in 2017 revealed that around 6,041 public high schools missed the awarded medals, even if they were recognized as the most valued educational centers. I noticed that Maryland possesses a high ranking and has retained its position for three consecutive years. My previous studies also helped me figure out that approximately 27.5% of the public school total in Maryland have earned the largest number of gold and silver medals to date. In my opinion, the best state for high school students is Maryland, which is followed by Florida and California. As per my research, Florida and California have been rewarded with medals for 24.4% and 23.6% eligible schools respectively. Most of these award winning schools concentrate not only on the educational perspectives, but also on the extracurricular activities, which differentiates these A-listers from others.

This information on the rankings and the awards attained by the best performing schools can help the students gain faith in their educational institutions and professors. Hence, it will help them build their personality at a crucial phase of their life with a strong base of knowledge. These schools are also known for their innovative ideas in teaching and emphasizing the diversity of each student to help them aspire in life as a responsible human being. It is crucial for parents today to ensure that their children have an economically secure life besides having the contentment to watch them grow responsibly. That is why, besides having a dedicated team of full time teachers, these schools also train their students to participate in advanced placement tests and competitive programming that improves their chances of successful employment. It also enhances their capability of identifying their actual potential in different phases of their lives. Contextually, I have reviewed around 28,496 public high schools in the US, with a total of 144 schools located only in Wisconsin. The highschools in Wisconsin guarantee a graduation rate of 90%, with an effective assessment of the students’ performance in their preferred subjects through ACT tests. The list produced as the 2017 U.S. News Best High Schools Rankings also depicts that 64 schools in Wisconsin itself have been rewarded with silver medals, along with 6 schools awarded with gold and 74 with bronze ones. Hence, apart from Maryland, Wisconsin can also be a noteworthy option for aspiring students to have a successful career ahead in their life.

Emily Alexander2 years ago

As per my observation, students in the present scenario demand the best level of education, which can be largely sufficed by the UK system, as it strives to align with the present socio-economic challenges and needs of the students. The answer therefore provides the needed facts for deciding upon an educational career in the UK, by informing people about the intermediate schools operating in the country. With the diversity of the education system in the UK, parents will have the benefit of selecting from a wide range of options suitable for their child and their economic prospects, making these schools a suitable solution for those aspiring to attain quality education at a low price. As the education system in the UK compiles global and national standards, the answer shall assist the parents with an enhanced understanding of the educational facilities that they can enjoy in the UK, or from their home country, through the foreign schools functioning under this system of education.

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