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Which types of credit are most similar to each other? auto loan and mortgage loan auto loan and personal loan credit card and mortgage loan mortgage loan and personal loan

Theresa Perry

in Social studies

1 answer

1 answer

Caroline Campbell on June 3, 2018

The answer is "auto loan and mortgage loan."The purchase of another, or marginally used car and the purchase of a home are two of the biggest money related advances that we make in our lives. An auto loan can highly affect your credit score, what bigly affect, if you get affirmed for a home credit and the rates you will get. When you apply for pre-approval of a mortgage loan, lenders, in contrast to its obligation with the payment of the proportion and cost of stay, for example, the property of the duties and of protection to decide the amount that you can acquire a house. In the event that you have a substantial self in fees to pay each month, lower your power.

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