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Which type of student visas can I apply for if I need to study in Canada?

I intend to study in Canada for my post graduate program in Chemical Engineering and I’m wondering which type of student visas can allow me to study and at the same time work. I need to know what is a Canada student visa from the USA and what are its privileges compared to other types of study permits. In addition, please briefly describe Canada student visa requirements so that I can be able to prepare myself adequately for the process. I also need to know how much is a student visa in terms of Canadian dollars. In your description, please state the validity of a student permit.

Naomi Doyle

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1 answer

Melissa Norris on January 26, 2018

There are different types of student permits that you can apply in order to study in Canada. You can apply for the J1 OR F1 category student visa. Note that it is only J1 and F1 visas that can enable you to study and work. Another type of student visa is the M1 Visa that is intended for students taking training and vocational programs only. Students with M1 Visa are prohibited from working and are required to prove that they are able to facilitate their stay in Canada fully. All students that are admitted on a full-time basis are eligible for the F1 visa type, provided they are proficient in either French or English languages. These students are also required to produce a proof of funding for not less than the first year in college.

However, you can also choose J-1 type student visa. Note that after receiving your confirmation letter from a recognized institution, you can apply for J-1 provided your study program is part of an exchange program that is well established OR you will have received not less than 50% of your study fund from a source other than family or personal fund.  The funds may come from a fellowship, assistantship or a scholarship, from a recognized body such as the university, home country or a corporate sponsor. Note any kind of loans are considered personal funding and do not qualify you for a J-1 Visa. You wanted to know how much are students visas in Canada. Actually, most student visas cost 150 CAD. Sometimes it may change, but not by a very large margin.

The student visa requirements for Canada are as follows:

  • Duly completed application form,
  • The original acceptance letter from a recognized university,
  • A government issued passport/travel document that will allow you to travel back to your home country,
  • Two recent photographs(passport-size), with your date of birth and name written on the back,
  • Documents proving that you can pay your tuition fee plus 833 CAD per month for accommodation and personal effects. However, if you intend to study in Quebec you will have to prove that you can pay 917 CAD every month on top of your tuition fees,
  • A letter of explanation, and
  • If you plan to study at one of the universities in the province of Quebec, you will be required to have a ‘Certificat d’acceptation du Québec’. This is a certificate that confirms you have been accepted to study in Quebec and it should be accompanied by translations in English and French, certified copy of original documents and a statement from the translator.

Finally, note that Canada students visas from USA are just visas like any other. However, it is a common phrase used to mean study permits intended for US citizens aspiring to study in Canada. Usually US citizens do not require passports or travel documents to move in and out of Canada.

Olive Wilson2 years ago

The above response offers an excellent insight into what anybody intending to study in Canada should know. Canada student visa program, allows students from all parts of the globe to access world class education in Canada. In order to qualify for the Canadian Student Visa program, you
should apply to the immigration authorities or a local Canada embassy in your home country. Once you submit all the required documents and you pass through the application process you will be awarded your preferred visa and you will be able to complete a college/university program in Canada.

When you wish to move with your family to Canada, you will be required to submit the following documents:

  • Passports for the other family members
  • Two passport-size photos for the other family members
  • A marriage certificate and its photocopy
  • Any extra documents needed by specific visa offices.

Once your family members are allowed into Canada, your children will be able to attend Canadian primary and secondary schools while your spouse may get a work permit.

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