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Which type of function best models the data in the table below? A. inverse variation B. linear C. logarithmic D. quadratic Download png

Kathy Robinson

in Mathematics

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1 answer

Whitney Matthews on April 2, 2018

Answer: Option reverse variationExplanation:when we compare the values of the given table x is increasing and is decreasing from there we can see that it is an inverse variation.In option B, the difference between all the consecutive values of x is 2, but and is not the same between all consecutive terms. Linear functions change in y over the change in x must be the same.In the option C x is increasing but it is decreasing that it is violating the property of the logarithmic function. In a logarithmic function if x increases, then, must increase.In the option D first value of x is 2 following quadratic real sense of giving to the plaza itself in and that is 4. But not all of the values of and are squares of x, except the value for the first time. In the quadratic function value of y should be square of x.

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