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Which type of electromagnetic radiation cannot be focused?

Amanda Johnson

in Physics

1 answer

1 answer

Jeffrey Rodriguez on October 28, 2018

Before you go to get to the conclusion, first we must understand the meaning of approach.The focus is on the process in which we execute any beam and concentrating it on a particular point or region ..An electromagnetic wave contains photons .When the beam passes through any approach devices as collimator,lens,mirror, etc, the photons that pass through these materials and do not interact with the materials of these dispositivos.De there is a focus on a particular point.Approach is going to be difficult if the beam is very energetic .In this case the photons of the rays will interact with the device and is not folded as in normal visible light, the rays of light.Gamma rays,X-rays, the waves are very energetic.Now that the special devices are designed for X-ray also.But gamma ray has a high frequency in the electromagnetic spectrum.So that it interacts strongly with matter and destroys itself, or its energy is altered to a greater amount. So it is very difficult to focus gamma-rays.

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