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Which two expeditions did Prince Henry of Portugal sponsor? A.) John Cabot’s trip to Canada B.) Jacques Cartier’s trip up the St. Lawrence River C.) Christopher Columbus’s trip to Hispaniola D.) Gil Eannes’s trip around Cape Bojador E.) Bartolomeu Dias’s trip around the Cape of Good Hope

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1 answer

Annie Barnes on July 28, 2018

D.) Gil Eannes of the trip around Cape Bojador E.) Bartolomeu Dias's voyage around the Cape of Good HopePortugal, the most western of europe, played an important role in the Western the Age of Discovery and Exploration. Under the direction of Prince Henry the Navigator, Portugal played the key role throughout the fifteenth century, in exploring the route to Asia by sailing south around Africa.The invention of a common route near Cape Bojador, considered as the opening of the Portuguese investigation from Africa. That voyaged around 30 leagues (144 km), or even 50 miles (240 km) of the land south of Cape Bojador and came to the African coast.In 1488, the Portuguese navigator, Bartolomeu Dias (c. 1450-1500) became the first European sailor to curl the southern tip of Africa, the unlocking of the gateway of a sea route between Europe and Asia.

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