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Which tutoring companies are the most reliable?

I have been wondering which tutoring companies are the most reliable in the US. I have energetic children who are on their way to visit the USA for the holidays, and I need to organize a tutoring program for them. Where can you go to find a tutor in your area? I need to find a tutor in the neighborhood of Memphis. I can also opt for a live tutor, if a real tutor becomes difficult to find. I intend to make academic studies one of the children’s holiday programs.

William Cain

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1 answer

1 answer

Jeremy Wood on September 28, 2018

You can easily find a tutoring company online to help with your needs. There are quite a number of such companies which are very reliable and can offer you great services. A good example is Frog Tutoring who have a list of qualified tutors operating in the Memphis area. You can check out each tutor using their displayed profiles, and even contact them for an interview. It is thus a very reliable site to help you find tutors in your area. Here are other options:

You can also get lessons online from live tutors. One such source of tutors is On the site, they have highly qualified tutors who offer a variety of subjects. The subjects include Math, English, Sciences, Humanities and even test preparation. The tutors offer one-on-one sessions to the learners that ensures personalized attention and maximum interaction. A learner can ask any question and get the explanation. The learner will also get exercises to do so as to enhance their knowledge acquisition.

It costs you of course, but this kind of attention ensures your children get the best possible explanation of the material.

You can also go to TutorMe. This site operates similarly to There are numerous tutors qualified in a wide variety of subject areas. In addition, they have a smart matching system which recommends for you a solution based on what you want help with. You only need to type in your specific requirement and a tutor is suggested who matches that need. Their lessons are also offered on a one-to-one basis, leading to high levels of effectiveness. High quality is maintained by enabling students to rate their tutors. Highly rated tutors definitely get more work coming their way.

Consequently, all the tutors strive to offer the highest possible quality of services. Other advantages include a whiteboard, text editor, audio-video chart and screen sharing. All this technology really enhances the tuition.

Another option for online learning is Chegg. Here you only find English tutors. This kind of specialization is good since they can ensure the highest standards. However, it is limiting, if you want you learners to go over other subjects as well. Their in-depth approach to all aspects of English learning is highly impressive though.

Roger Moore7 months ago

Personally, I prefer a live tutor to the one that comes home. The live tuition program is so comfortable that if something sudden comes up, you can easily postpone learning to another time. It can also be readily accessed even at odd hours, including late at night, when no tutor will come to your place. Expenses such as the traveling costs of the tutor are avoided, thus cutting down the costs. Moreover, your child can benefit from a variety of tutors at different times, if one proves not to be good enough. It is much easier to switch from one tutor to another online, without breaking a sweat or wasting any time.  

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