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Which step is included in the construction of parallel lines? A. Connect two arcs with a compass. B. Create arcs above the given line with a straightedge. C. Copy an angle by creating arcs with a compass. D. Connect the parallel lines with a straightedge.

Deborah Edwards

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1 answer

Bethany Evans on March 12, 2019

Answer:-C. Copy an angle by creating arcs with a compass.Explanation:-the Steps to construct a line parallel to the original line AB through a point of M. 1. Use a ruler to draw a transversal through the point N, which is the straight line that passes through M and intersects with the given line. 2. Build a copy of the angle formed by the transversal and the line of which the copy is located in the point M such that the vertex of the copied angle will be point M. 3. Draw the line to complete the angle of copy that will be a XY line parallel to the given line AB.

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