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Which statements are true of a white dwarf?It has a red shell.It is the result of the core collapse of a low-mass star that sheds its outer layers.It emits massive amounts of light compared with other stars.It strongly attracts all matter or energy that comes near it.It cools down to become a black dw

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1 answer

Victoria Fowler on September 9, 2018

All five statements are correct. A white dwarf was initially a swollen red star, which eventually shed its outer layers to become a super-dense white dwarf. This does not happen to all the stars. This only happens when low mass stars like the sun collapse and, finally, are stripped of their outer layers. It is so dense that it has a large gravitational field and therefore attracts the matter around him. Finally, the white dwarf cools by radiating away all its energy and becomes a black dwarf.

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