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Which statements are correct? Check all that apply. A chord is sometimes a radius. A diameter is always a chord. A tangent is never a secant. A chord can be longer than a diameter of the same circle. A chord can be shorter than a radius of the same circle. A radius is always congruent to another radius of the same circle.

Ashley Howard

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1 answer

Roger Moore on March 16, 2018

1. (false) A chord is never a radio. A chord is the line segment whose 2 endpoints are points on the circle.2. (real) diameter is always a chord, in fact, is the chord of greater length.3. (true) the tangent line is a line on the outside of a circle, with just 1 point in common with a circle. While a secant has 2 point in common with a circle and many more in the interior of the circle4. (false) A chord can be, as a maximum, equal to the length of the diameter.5. (true) A chord can be very short. Consider 2 points in the circle of those who are very close to each other and the chord formed for them.6. (true)

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