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Which statement regarding the interior and exterior angles of a triangle is true? A.An exterior angle is supplementary to the adjacent interior angle. B.An adjacent interior angle is supplementary to a remote interior angle. C.A remote interior angle is congruent to the exterior angle. D.An exterior angle is supplementary to the remote interior angle. AND I know its not D

Ralph Lopez

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1 answer

William Cain on November 22, 2018

Draw a triangle on your paper and to broaden the base of the triangle, so that it extends beyond the base of the angle. The base of the interior angle of a triangle is the interior angle and the exterior of the triangle between the extended line and outside of the interior angles is the exterior angle. A straight line has a measure of 180 degrees. That means that the interior angle + exterior angle = 180. So they are supplementary by definition of supplementary angles. A is the only option to which it is applied.

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