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Which statement is true for objects in dynamic equilibrium? A)Objects have zero acceleration. B)Objects have non-zero positive acceleration. C)Objects have non-zero negative acceleration. D)Objects can have positive as well as negative acceleration. E)Objects have forces which are not balanced in at least one direction.

Caroline Campbell

in Physics

1 answer

1 answer

Kevin Sutter on November 5, 2018

The correct answer to the question A) the Objects have zero acceleration.EXPLANATION:Before you answer that question, we first need to understand dynamic equilibrium .A body moving with uniform velocity is said to be in dynamic equilibrium if the net external forces acting on the body is zero. Therefore, the body is in equilibrium of forces.If the external forces acting on a body is not balanced, then the body will accelerate the you are going to destroy your condition of equilibrium. Therefore, the necessary and sufficient condition for a body to be in dynamic equilibrium is that the forces are balanced.When a body is in dynamic balance, the body moves with a uniform speed along a straight line unless and until it is compelled by some external unbalanced forces.Therefore, the rate of change of the speed or the acceleration of the body is zero.

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