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Which statement is true for most chemical reactions? A. an energy change occurs during the breaking and forming of bonds. B. The internal energy of the system increases during a reaction. C. Energy is released during the formation of reactants. D.The enthalpy of the products is higher than the enthalpy of the reactants.

Bethany Evans

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1 answer

Ronald Miller on May 8, 2018

The statement that is true for most chemical reactions is that A. An exchange of energy that occurs during the rupture and formation of chemical bonds. As the reagents react in the final instance, the production of products of the atoms of the different elements within the compounds if the present will be broken and ultimately the reform to produce the products, during this change of transformation of energy of chemical bond formation and breakage occurs, and allows one to determine whether or not a reaction releases energy or requires a considerable amount of energy based on the energy content of the reactants and the products.

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