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Which statement describes the social contract theory of the state's origin? A. The people grant power to a government for the well-being of all B. God creates the state and gives those of royal birth the right to rule. C. The heads of primitive families become the government. D. A group seizes territory and forces the people to submit.

Ramon Kelly

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1 answer

1 answer

Amanda Johnson on July 21, 2018

The correct answer is A. The social contract theory (originated from Plato, then, reinterpreted by other philosophers such as Hobbes, Locke, Rousseau), implies that the integrated society (to avoid conflicts between people), will willingly give power to the "elected", that is "chosen" for the welfare of all. B. Is close to Plato's original concept, which it is believed philosopher were almost "divine" beings with the right to rule; C. is close to Hobbes's initial society of the vision; D. it is a forced government that all these aforementioned philosophers have not approved.

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