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Which statement describes the electron sea model for metallic bonding? -This model involves electrons held tightly between atoms. -This model explains all properties of metals. -This model involves electrons moving among bands of orbitals. -This model is the simplest model.

Jeffrey Rodriguez

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1 answer

Justin Parker on September 22, 2018

Answer: Option (c) is the correct answer.Explanation:In the metallic bonds, the interaction of the metal atoms show that the valence electrons of s and p orbitals get delocalized. As a result, they do not move in orbit around the nucleus and form a sea of electrons that surrounds the positively charged atomic nuclei of the respective metal ions. This is known as the sea of electrons model.In this model, due to the state of energy of the free electrons there is no training continuity of energy bands. It is known that the atomic lattice of a substance has a full set of the atomic energy bands, and a vacant set of higher energy of the band. Above the valence band there is a conduction band. This conduction band contains free electrons that move about the network and are able to conduct the current. Therefore, in order to conduct electricity, electrons have to cross the gap between the valence band and the conduction band. Therefore, we can conclude that the statement "this model involves electrons moving between the bands of orbitals", describes the electron sea model of metallic bonding.

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