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Which statement best describes Margaret Sanger? She advocated for women's right to own property and campaigned for the Married Woman's Property Act. She advocated for women's right to vote and founded the National Women Suffrage Association. She advocated for women's access to education and opened one of the first all-female universities. She advocated for women's health and helped educate women about birth control and family planning.

Amanda Johnson

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1 answer

Justin Parker on May 25, 2018

She advocated for the health of the woman and helped her to educate women about birth control and family planning.Margaret Sanger is founder of Planned Parenthood. During the 20th century, Margaret Sanger worked with the women, in particular migrant women, to discover the family planning. Sanger wanted birth control methods legalized to help women to control the size of their families. She also believed in eugenics which meant that she believed that certain populations of people that should be controlled in their birth rate to prevent large numbers of undesirable people. Common thought of the time was the control of the speed at which immigrants, particularly Catholic immigrants, who were having children. Pushing for women's health and birth control to be legal would help to develop a more controlled and moral of the society in their opinion.

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