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Which statement best describes American policy towards Native Americans in the late 19th century? A. Native Americans generally settled where they wanted to B. Most Native Americans fled to Canada for protection from US forces C. Most Native Americans were practically forced to relocate to reservations D. Native Americans pleaded with the government to create reservations for them

Kyle Mckinney

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1 answer

Curtis Rhodes on August 28, 2018

C. Most Native Americans were practically forced to move to reservations.The Indian reservation system stabilized regions of the land called reservations for the Native Americans, because the white immigrants took over the land of his birth. The main objectives of the Indian reservations were to take the Native Americans under U.S. government of the authority and reduce the conflict between indigenous people and immigrants and support to the Native Americans to take on the ideas of the white man. But many of the Native Americans were pushed to reservations with catastrophic results and it was found destructive to the left with long-lasting effects.

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