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Which site can help me find motivational education quotes?

I am a new teacher who recently started teaching in higher education institution and I am looking for ways on how to ease my way in my career by exploring and sharing with other professional peers. I am looking for a site where I can get education quotes from prominent and inspirational people that are significant to the context of education. The quotes can also be from area teachers posted in educational forums. I am also in need or more information on the higher education review journal and how it can help me through this transition.

Carlton Burgess

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1 answer

1 answer

Derrick Little on January 23, 2018

Two years ago I also landed a job as a teacher in a higher education institution. I love being a teacher but the whole experience was new to me and I was anxious about the process. A colleague at work advised to subscribe to the higher education review and it turned out to be very helpful. I can confidently recommend this journal to any teacher starting out in this field since it assures both quality and high standards in studying and analyzing higher education. It is an academic journal that helps individuals implement reforms through a problem oriented approach and solve possible problems in the higher education sector. This journal has international recognition for helping many individuals involved in the higher education; they offer up to date strategies since the site stays in the loop of all matters concerning the education system. It also provides an interconnection between green individuals in the industry with new ideas and trends in higher education sector. Using their new website you can easily access journals online; in case of any inquiries you can access their team of highly responsive agents ready to help you at all times.

You could also try visiting the website of your current school and determine if they have an educational online forum where they share their personal experiences as higher education teachers. These forums are helpful in providing new strategies a new teacher like you could employ; look at current challenging situations your peers are experiencing and possible solutions they can employ. Through this online project you will be able to find various educational quotes from other professionals and see how the project worked for them and select one that works best for you. The best thing about these forums is they give you ways on how to tackle common problems students face and teachers give suggestions on a resolution that meets the needs of your students. Below are some significant benefits of using these forums:

  •  They assist teachers in being mentors in their schools and this advances their capabilities within the institution
  • By bringing together numerous teachers these programs provide teachers with a better understanding of the things happening in their institutions
  •  They also help teachers meet the teaching needs of higher education students with difficulties in reading
  • They encourage healthy debate among teachers and other educators with a variety of perspective and background

Charles McAlear2 years ago

I use the higher education review journal to get insights on issues in the education system. From this platform I have been able to gain strategies on how I can provide for my students. The main focus of this platform is providing academic standards, the quality of learning and any information or enhancement worth to incorporate to help students in the higher education sector. The review team for this journal is students and peers who scrutinize your capabilities and give you a feedback on the findings
they assembled. In case you also want to apply as a provider you can but ensure you provide all the details for your registered students irrespective of their learning programs, and if you have any inquires you can easily contact their customer care group via the email or phone number provided on their site.

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