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Which school district am I in?

I find the issue of school districts in the United States absolutely confusing. Which school district am I in? Knowing about my school district can help me understand which schools are available in the region. I also want to know about magnet schools. What are they and which purpose do they serve? Are there any catholic schools around? If so, which are they and which is the best? I would like to learn catholic tradition even as I’m educated. I want my new school to be a catholic one. I live in Dover.

Samantha Stevenson

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1 answer

Donald Ward on May 23, 2018

If you live in Dover, then the school district in which you are is the Capital School District of Delaware. This district covers the greater Dover city in Kent County. There are a number of primary and secondary schools within it. The following facts will guide you to decide which school you want.

  1. The most reputed of the elementary schools are Hartly, Booker T Washington, North Dover, South Dover, Fairview and East Dover. They are arranged here in their order of academic ranking from the highest.
  2. In addition to the schools already listed, which offer middle school education as well, the other best performing secondary schools are Dover High, Central Middle, Towne Point, Kent County and William Henry.
  3. A magnet school, or magnets as I call them, is one that is allowed to attract students from outside the immediate school district, or even the whole country. They enjoy special facilities and a higher ratio of teacher to students than other schools. They are meant to give specialized training and perform highly, which they mostly do. The three main magnet schools in Delaware are Calloway and Southern Delaware which offer the arts, and Conrad which offers sciences.
  4. The best two Catholic sponsored schools in Dover are the St Edmunds and St Richards. They are sponsored by the Catholic Church but run by the Kent County Council. They offer admission to all types of children, even though Catholic children tend to get priority. These schools have well-grounded Catholic traditions which will augur well with your desires. Your new school can be a Catholic institution if you choose one of these and get admission. Being a Catholic yourself, you will easily get admitted.
  5. The Dover schools are run well enough to meet your educational objectives. Your own concentration and hard work will get you through the curriculum with actual great results. You don’t have to be in any particular school to perform well. However, it all depends on what you want of course. If you prefer a strong Catholic tradition, then you now have your choice. If you want to join one of the magnets, all you have to do is perform well in your elementary school, then apply to join one of them. You will still be able to meet your educational objectives from a school other than a magnet if you don’t succeed in joining one.   

Craig Stewart2 years ago

I would encourage you to work hard and join a magnet school. The advantage of these schools is that all the details are arranged for you. This includes transport to and from them, even if you live outside the immediate school district. You are also guaranteed to get the best possible education in your specialized area of study since that is what the schools offer. There is also the prestige of studying in them and the job opportunities after completion. I am not too keen on the idea that going to a school sponsored by Catholics, will help your religious beliefs a great deal. There are non-Catholics who join these schools and still leave as non-Catholics. Some also join as Catholics but leave as Protestants. You still have ample opportunity to attend Catholic mass in Dover and go through the requisite teachings, without having to be in a Catholic school. 

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