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Which scenario is an example of a moral dilemma? A man finds a wallet and must decide whether to return it or use the money to pay for his wife’s lifesaving surgery. A boy needs to decide whether togo to a local college and major in aeronautics or into the military as a foot soldier. A student must choose between taking an introduction to art class or a class on child psychology. A woman must decide if she will stay in her hometown with her friends and family or move far away

Nicholas Rivera

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1 answer

Heather Maxwell on September 15, 2018

The first alternative is the correct one (A). If a person is honest, usually she or he is not going to get the money from someone else. When finding a wallet with money, the moral principle of the ethics cause a person to return the wallet to its owner. If the husband is sick with his wife and does not have the money to pay for treatment, he is in a state of emotional exhaustion, because your partner, your life may be at risk. If an honest husband to his wife in the hospital in need of treatment and do not have the money, but finds a wallet from someone and you plan to stay with the money, that is a moral dilemma. Save the wife with the money someone lost, or return the money at the risk of losing the wife? It is, above all, a moral issue, but can be decided by emotion rather than by reason, depending on each person.

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