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Which sample, when dissolved in 1.0 liter of water, produces a solution with the highest boiling point?

Craig Stewart

in Chemistry

1 answer

1 answer

Timothy Norman on February 8, 2019

The correct answer is (C) 0.2 mol of MgCl2. according to Van 't Hoff factor rule, which is the ratio between the actual concentration of particles produced when the substance dissolves and the concentration of the substance as measured from its mass, so that here, 0.2 mol MgCl2 is the largest of van' t Hoff, the factor that has more ions than other options, and the highest concentration. and when the boiling point of the formula is delta Tb = Kb * m * i. where delta Tb is the change in the boiling point. and Kb is the molal boiling point constant and m is the molality of the solution, and I is Van ' t Hoff factor. so we can see the relationship between the I and the delta of the Tuberculosis, the largest van't Hoff factor is of higher boiling point. so, 0.2 MgCl2 is the higher boiling point since it is the largest of van ' t Hoff factor.

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