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Which sample of matter is a mixture? (1) Br2(ℓ) (3) KBr(s) (2) K(s) (4) KBr(aq)

Jeffrey Rodriguez

in Chemistry

1 answer

1 answer

Craig Stewart on June 8, 2018

Answer: KBr (aq) is a mixture. Explanation: the Mixture is defined as the combination of two non-reacting species. Let's talk about each of the options one by one. a) Br₂(l): This Bromo is not a mixture because the bracket that specifies the state of Br₂ is liquid. Therefore, as the bromine is a liquid at room temperature, so that this compound is purely Br₂. (b) KBr (s) KBr is also present in pure form, because the solid support is written. c) K (s): Potassium is also present in pure form as the bracket is the specification of solid, such as KBr is solid at room temperature. (d) KBr (aq): This is a mixture of KBr and water. Because KBr to be an electrolyte when dissolved in water is hydrated as follows, KBr (s) ----- water------> K⁺ (aq) + Br⁻ (aq)

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