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Which reputable institution offers continued education and what are the available continuing education courses?

I am interested in an institution that offers a variety of continuing education courses. Any university or college in the UK or USA will do. Industries are changing constantly and workers like me are being required to stay updated with the current skills, developments and trends in technology in our field. A university continuing education can help me stay current. If it is a college of continuing education, it has to be something that you have experienced because I need the best experience there is.

Rodney Fox

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1 answer

Kaitlin Dean on February 26, 2018

University of Oxford’s department of continuing education offers flexible programmes and courses on a part time basis to suit adult learners who are busy with their careers. The department of continuing education offers over a thousand programmes and classes every year. Most of these university continued education programmes are tailored to suit people who prefer to learn part – time.

Among the continuing learning courses offered there are Architectural history, Anthropology and archaeology, computing and mathematics, and business and management. Economics & politics, creative writing, film & literature, electronics & telecoms and language and cultural studies are additional courses provided by the department of continuing education at oxford. There’s also religion & theology, psychology & counselling, medical & health sciences, environment & urban studies, history of art & architecture, music, natural sciences and diplomatic studies and law.

University of Oxford’s department of continuing education serves students of all ages, from all walks of life. During 2016/ 2017 academic year, more than fourteen thousand students between ages fourteen and ninety-five were taught. Students of the continuing education department come from a hundred and twenty nations. Most of their students from other nations have enrolled on their short online courses; DPhil and Masters programmes and postgraduate courses most of which are tailored to meet the needs of students who live far from Oxford.

The department of continuing education at University of Oxford offers conference and accommodation facilities. At Rewley House in Oxford, their facilities have a common room, dining room, seminar and teaching rooms, a computer training room, a library, and over forty en-suite bedrooms. They have their own in – house Bodleian Library branch. One of the Bodleian Libraries is the Rewley House Continuing Education Library. The library serves students with a more than seventy thousand book and periodical collection. The library also offers access to the entire range of electronic resources that the University of Oxford has subscribed to.

Designed as weekly online meetings, online courses are structured to happen in a virtual learning environment. The class size is reduced to a maximum of thirty - two students and twenty for creative learning. The capping maximizes tutor – student interaction. The courses run for usually five to ten or twenty weeks. Sampled units from online subjects in literature, history, philosophy and archaeology are available for viewing at course demonstration site. The area is structured to give you an experience of what studying online with department of continuing education at University of Oxford tastes like. Though I have not given a college of ongoing education, University of Oxford offers among the best experience in continued education.

Jordan Soto2 years ago

I will give you a college that offers continued education programs so that you can make an informed decision between the university above and my college. Whether you are aiming at pursuing education as an end to itself or as an avenue of changing other people’s lives or you want to jumpstart a failing business or you are after career advancement, University of Pennsylvania’s College of Liberal and Professional Studies (LPS) has programs that impart knowledge to help you get to your destination. LPS is housed in Penn’s school of Arts and sciences. The college offers non-degree and degree options for learners in different stages of their careers and academic lives. It offers a wide range of options that enable a student achieve their objectives by giving them access to extraordinary resources available in Penn. There’s continuing medical education program, continuing education in dental medicine, and continued nursing education from the school of nursing centre.

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