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Which represents the balanced equation for the beta minus emission of phosphorus-32? A) 32/15P ---> 28/13 Al + 2/4 He B) 32/15P ---> 32/14 Si + 0/-1 e C) 32/15P ---> 32/16 S + 0/-1 e D) 32/15P ---> 32/14 Si + 0/+1 e

Alexa Spicer

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1 answer

Timothy Norman on March 26, 2018

Answer: The correct choice is C. Explanation: Beta minus ( ) decay is the decay in which a neutron becomes a proton and releases beta particles, or more generally known as the electron.There is an increase in the Atomic number due to which one of the protons is forming.In the case of beta-minus decay of phosphorus, the P-kernel is changed to Sulfur core. The balanced Chemical equation for this process is:therefore, the correct option is C.

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