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Which process produces rising air when mountains push the air upward? A. orographic lifting B. localized convective lifting C. frontal wedging D. convergence

Eric Morgan

in Physics

1 answer

1 answer

Deborah Edwards on September 25, 2018

Answer: A. orographic Explanation;Orographic lifting is a process that takes place when an air mass is forced from a low elevation to a higher elevation as it moves, by the increase of the terrain.This can be explained by; When the air is blocked by the mountains, can't go through these mountains, As he ascends or moves up towards the top of the mountain, the air then cools as it rises and when it cools to its saturation point, the water vapour condenses and cloud forms.These clouds are known as clouds, orographic lifting, which develop in response to lifting forced by the topography of the land.

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