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Which practices can be used to protect our supply of freshwater? a-decrease biodiversity b-improve waste management systems c-increase conservation d-reduce trade restrictions e-reduce dependence on fertilizers and pesticides

Jeremy Wood

in Geography

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1 answer

Cynthia Baker on April 24, 2018

The answers are:b-improve systems of waste management; this is something that has to be addressed and invested in because the waste water is contaminating the fresh water and, therefore, is not suitable for your use. The filters of the high-level are needed to be installed so that waste water is purified as much as possible.c-increase the conservation, the conservation of fresh water is crucial because resources are limited and the world population is only the largest, so educating the population as to how to use it well the water and not to waste it is something that has to be one of the priorities.e-reduce the dependency of fertilizers and pesticides, fertilizers, and pesticides used in agriculture are doing a great harm, because once they enter the soil part of them are washed away in the deeper layers of the earth and contact with the groundwater. The groundwater thus contaminated and is fit for consumption, but also a huge problem is that most of the groundwaters are connected to the surface of the waters, and so pollute surface waters as well. So turning to organic fertilizers and plant protection with organic substances is a necessity.

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