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Which phrase best describes why artists use movement in their artwork? Question 4 options: To keep the viewer from looking at areas that are unfinished. To help the viewer's eye travel from one area to another. To draw the viewer's attention away from unimportant areas. To allow the viewer's eye to drift out of the artwork

Brandon Scott

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1 answer

Megan Page on November 23, 2018

The correct answer is B. To help the viewer's eye travel from one area to another.A painting can be a dynamic works of art, even despite the fact that all the elements are present at the same time, and nothing changes. However, when they represent an event of some kind, not all people are still motionless. For example, if someone points the finger at something, it necessarily will have that you are looking for, and so unravel the "plot" of the painting.Here are the reasons why all the other answers are incorrect. A painter has no plans of leaving their work unfinished. Basically, there are no areas of importance in a painting. There is not much space on the canvas, and an artist says that each element has a function. Also, artists usually do not have the intent to divert their spectators to the care of the things outside of painting.

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