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Which online programs does NYU offer and what do I need to pursue an NYU online course successfully?

I would like to advance my career by doing a degree in finance at NYU. However, I would like to take online finance classes so that I can still be able to do my job. Is this NYU online course available and are there online classes for college credits? Also, what would I need to pursue this course successfully?

Jan Berry

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1 answer

Aaron Lee on January 23, 2018

NYU is one of the best schools that offer graduate degree programs online. This university also offers the option of doing both online and on-site study. Students who enroll for these online programs are taught in virtual classrooms where they get to engage in stimulating exchange of ideas and discussions. The University offers both graduate and undergraduate programs.
The graduate NYU online courses include:
- MS in Translation
- MS in Professional Writing
- MS in Management and Systems (STEM)
- MS in Human Resource Management and Development

For all these programs, it is possible to attend online classes for college credits. However, currently, this campus doesn’t offer a graduate program in finance. This means that you cannot take an online finance class at this university. You can find a great school from this list of best online finance
graduate courses.

Undergraduate programs available at NYU include:
- BA in Social Sciences with a concentration in Organizational Behavior and Change
- BS in Leadership and Management Studies

To enroll for these programs, students are expected to meet certain requirements. Once you have met all the requirements and you have successfully been enrolled for the program, you will attend virtual classrooms where you will get to interact with other students from different parts of the world and an instructor.

If you are considering pursuing any of these online courses, there are several things NYU requires you to have. These include:
- A computer with at least 4GB of RAM
- Broadband or High Internet Access
- Adobe Reader
- Webcam and Microphone
- Windows 8.0 or Mac OS X 10.9

These things make your online connection smooth and they improve your online learning. Therefore, if you make the decision to take these online courses, ensure you are equipped with all of these things.

While NYU might not offer Master’s degrees in Finance, it is a phenomenal university when it comes to offering online programs. Therefore, it is advisable for you to consider taking some of their courses if you are interested in any of them. However, if you are only interested in Finance, NYU might not be a great fit. Take some time to do some research to identify the best institutions for online Master’s degrees. Make sure you choose a school that has a great reputation for offering quality education. You should also consider enrolling for on-campus classes. These offer you more resources and you are more likely to get a better quality education with on-site programs compared to online programs.

Kyle Mckinney2 years ago

It is not possible to take online finance classes at NYU because finance is not one of the courses offered online at NYU. Nonetheless, I wouldn’t encourage you to take an online course in finance anywhere. In order to advance in your career and stand out among the competition, you need to ensure you get your education from the best universities. Apart from this, you need to strive to get the best skills. Unfortunately, this is not something you can get from an online course. Most online courses only offer you a fraction of what you would get learning at an institution. If your intention is to get a high quality Master’s degree and improve your chances of climbing the corporate ladder, it would be more beneficial to enroll for on-site programs. Through these programs, you will learn everything you need to learn, interact with experts and put your skills to the test. Most importantly, you will get hands-on experience which will be of paramount importance in building your skills.

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