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Which of these are among the macroeconomic goals of governments? Check all that apply. steadily increasing the gross domestic product, avoiding overspending at all costs, keeping citizens employed, helping limit economic growth, managing prices throughout the economy

Kaitlin Dean

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1 answer

Tara Andrews on December 23, 2018

Among the macroeconomic goals of a government, the following can be found:a Constant increase of the gross domestic product. The GDP figures which steadily increase means that there is a sustained economic growth in the country. Therefore, the country registers high levels of production, due to the existence of high levels of demand: for the consumption of national and foreign products, investment opportunities, etc, Keeping citizens employed. The objectives of this is closely related to the previous one. If there is no economic growth and high demand, more production is necessary to serve consumers and businesses have to hire more people. The management of prices throughout the economy. To keep inflation at stable levels helps to ensure that the purchasing power of the citizens is maintained, therefore, that prices are wages are in line with the others. It is also a mechanism to maintain the levels of high demand as with high levels of inflation that people can't afford many of the products and levels of demand are severely hampered.

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